5th National Congress of Executive Secretaries

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 5th National Congress of Executive Secretaries organized by The Foundation in Support of Local Democracy and the National Council of TSU Secretaries’ Forums, which will be held on 28th and 29th September 2021 in a hybrid formula.

The Congress of Executive Secretaries is a nationwide open event. Our invitation is addressed to all Secretaries of Local Government Units in Poland – both those associated in regional forums operating at the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy and those who do not belong to them yet.

The aim of the National Congress is to integrate the executive secretaries’ community, exchange experiences and debate about the most current issues affecting the daily work of local government employees.

The event will deal with current aspects of the functioning of local government taking into account the pandemic reality. During the two days of debates and discussions we will not only summarize the last year and consider the consequences and conclusions for the future. We will also listen to City Managers from countries from all over the world who will share with us their experiences in adjusting services to the pandemic situation.

The program will include numerous topics related to the management of the unit including remote working, management control, personal data protection, electronification of public services and many other issues important for local governments. The thematic blocks are divided into four modules: Human Resources and Administration Management, Open and transparent government, Management of Local Development, Implementation of legislative obligations – the most important aspects.

Among our guests and speakers will be representatives of government and local government, experts, and also the representatives of the business community. The event will take place in Marriott Warsaw Hotel and online. The conference is supported by the Council of Europe.

Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FSLD)


The Foundation in Support of Local Democracy (FSLD) is the largest Polish non-governmental organization supporting the development of civil society and self-governance in Poland. FSLD is non-partisan, independent, and non-commercial entity. FSLD  was established in 1989 and over the years FSLD has grown to incorporate a network of local units and education institutions, as well as numerous experts and collaborators. Today, FSLD with 14 Regional Centres with local branches is designed to provide training, consultancy, networking and capacity building services on local level in voivodeships outside the capital of Warsaw. Fundation has 125 permanent employees and cooperates with ca. 150 experts and trainers. FSLD’s activities and programs cover the territory of the entire country. 

FSLD’s mission is to promote the idea of civil self-governance as the fundamental form of democracy. To fulfil its mission, the Foundation supports the activity of local authorities and non-governmental organizations, thus contributing to the development and reinforcement of the civil society in the region.

FSLD’s activities are aimed at beneficiaries representing 3 sectors including all levels of public administration, CSOs, informal groups and individuals (vulnerable social groups), as well private sector (small and medium-size companies and media). 30 years of Foundation’s experience resulted in natural, thematic and special-purpose partnerships established with: the Council of Europe; Ministries – structural programmes and projects; local authorities; media – media patronages, information campaigns, co-organisation of big public events; CSOs.


FSLD has a network of 14 Regional Centers with local branches. Each Regional Centre is based in voivodship capital and provides services in the region. Every regional centre employs from 5 to 35 permanent staff members. Network-based model of FSLD’s functioning and everyday operation on local level allows the most efficient work in regions and rural areas of the whole country, based on good identification of the local communities’ needs, challenges and problems. Every year each FSLD’s regional centre runs from 100 up to 450 trainings and consultancy services for local self-government units and CSOs.


It was the recipients’ needs that have determined the basic form of FSLD’s operation from the very beginning: training for councilors and local government staff. Training remains till this very moment the basic form of FSLD’s effort to support local self-governance. The number and the scope of training topics increase each year, and the fact that the training is in high demand has made the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy the largest training organisation operating on the local government market today.


The Foundation has implemented a large number of complex projects. Our expertise, coupled with an impressive network of Regional Centres spanning the entire country, has allowed us to win and implement important and prestigious projects. All of our projects are guided by the principle of effectiveness, thus ensuring the maximum possible impact.

For a number of years, the Foundation has been active in the field of migrating Polish experiences of the systemic transformation to the countries still on the path of reforms. The wealth of experience allows the Foundation to effectively assist countries undergoing systemic transformation in a number of fields, through direct technical assistance, as well as through implementation of activisation programmes. The Foundation began its international activities in 1994, and has been expanding both in scope and a number of projects ever since. Migrating Polish experience to countries of Central and Eastern Europe forms a formidable basis of our international activities. However, FSLD’s experts use sophisticated, tailor-made methodology to create the greatest impact in the existing legislative, socio-economic and cultural environments.


FSLD Regional Centers also initiate the establishment and the operation of clubs and forums of gmina and powiat office personnel. Internships and study tours are also organized for local government officials, in order to better present the way local structures operate and the kind of solutions adopted abroad.


The Foundation has also provided technical assistance to an ever increasing extent. The offer targets all local government entities and covers the full scope of services including strategic, financial consulting, as well as that concerning capital investment, transformation and privatization, and also crisis management.

FSLD’s offer is based on surveys of the needs of local government milieus, while the high professional quality of service is based on a very well developed and experienced pool of trainers and experts available nationwide through FSLD’s Regional Training Centers’ network.